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We are looking for a number of well-known writers who can Submit a Guest Post on our site on SEO, marketing, the internet, WordPress and technology, home improvement, automotive, health, business, travel, lifestyle, shopping, and e-commerce. By guest blogging on your blog, you may generate a large amount of traffic, as well as build the author’s website, where you can submit your work. So, if you have an article for a guest post in the category specified above then Write for us | Digital Marketing, please send it to us as soon as possible and we will get it published within 1-2 working days. One of the most effective off-page SEO strategies for bloggers and corporate websites is the use of guest posts. By posting on your blog, you may be able to attract website owners and traffic to your site, as well as get traffic. Thus, many bloggers provide an online platform for writing and moderate your entries for 2 or 3 days after they are published, depending on the blog.

Submit a Guest Post: General Guidelines

  • The article must be at least 1200+ words in length.
  • Article that is comprehensive and detail and defines what you want to express
  • Do not include images that are protected by intellectual property rights.
  • Fill up the blanks with your own words
  • There are no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Articles must be passed out of copy-space and in the appropriate manner to be considered valid.
  • Make sure you don’t duplicate or spin any of your content. So, make your writing descriptive and provide a title

Topics We Cover in Submit a Guest Post:

  • Blogging advice
  • WordPress
  • Internet marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Online Money-Making Tips
  • SEO
  • The Internet & Technology
  • Home Improvement
  • Automotive
  • Health
  • Business
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Shopping
  • E-Commerce

How-to articles are all appropriate topics for guest blog posts (must be related to the above fields)

Our Format for Submit a Guest Post

We follow a particular framework and urge you to do the same thing.

  • Keep the tone casual and conversational. Notify, don’t read. (First person, use sentences like you and I)
  • Your item is fluid and scannable.
  • Preferences for formatting include the usage of properly capitalised H2 and H3 tags (i.e., How to Write a Blog Post).
  • Please quote from different sources to help you better your work so share them on your blog.
  • Include 6-7 photographs in the post (do not use clip-arts, create your own or find high-quality photos or use others but make sure you add the source). We enjoy photographs, photos, graphics, films, screenshots and GIFs. This is a long blog post; therefore, it breaks with photos. So please centre it/500 px wide.
  • Create headlines, attract attention from the reader and say, “Wow, I’ve had to check it out.” See the blog headline analyzer for co-programming so make sure you get a decent result.
  • And don’t be repetitive, no fluff.
  • Keep your paragraphs concise — 2-3 sentences each.
  • Ensure that your material is written correctly so as without any grammatical or spelling issues. As we reject it instantly if it contains too many.
  • Send us your article using Google Document so make sure we can change it externally.

Things to avoid when you Submit a Guest Post

When you Submit a Guest Post on our website, we would expect you to follow some guidelines that are listed below.

  • It is requested that you do not send us press releases, pitches, or product promotion.
  • We ask that you refrain from promoting any products or services in your guest blog piece.
  • Don’t include too many external links in the body of the article. So there are only genuine links.
  • It is not recommended that the information be made public before the blog is publish.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. It is not permissible to copy content from any source. So, It is possible that you will be ban from submitting your information through our website. You may use a copyright checker tool to ensure that your work does not include any plagiarism.
  • There are no grammatical mistakes permitted. Thus, make use of grammar to rectify your errors.

What happens if your article is selected for publication after you Submit a Guest Post

When your article gets selected, here are the few steps that are a part of the ongoing process,

  • If we choose your article for publication, it will be submitted to our editors for review. So, if any changes are necessary, we will send our remarks back to the writer.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the article or its title.
  • The author retains the right to republish the work elsewhere as long as the article is a credit to us as the author’s original publisher.
  • We have the right to republish or disseminate the material on any social media platform as long as we give the author credit.
  • We will not be paying for any of the goods provided by our guests.

Terms and Policy for Submit a Guest Post

  • We reserve the right to alter and edit your material at any time by including an internal link.
  • We make no guarantees that your article will be except for publication.
  • If your article is publishing on our site, you are no longer need to post it anywhere else on the internet without our permission.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the article and pictures with your consent.